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Yoga Classes 2018


Weekly classes run throughout the year.

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Winter Boost - Yoga Workshop


Supercharge Your Immune System

24 November 2018, Saturday, 10:30am






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office yoga

Office yoga at work helps to reduce stress and ease tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back.


Here are some easy to do yoga poses to help release stress and re-energise your body when you're at work.  


Taking a five to ten  minute yoga break at work is effective in helping to relieve stress, become more refreshed and focused.  After a few stretches that can be done at your desk, you'll feel more calm, be able to make better decisions and be more productive.  Yoga poses also help to improve your circulation, posture and flexibility.


The 6 minute video is via Yoga with Adrienne and the infographic is by Furniture at Work via Visually.


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