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Yoga therapy for happy knees

By Salute to the Sun Yoga, Mar 4 2017 02:48PM

Yoga poses when performed slowly and mindfully can help prevent knee problems as well as help you strengthen and improve flexibility.

Strengthening the vastus medialis, a muscle that's on the inner side of the knee, helps to keep the knee healthy and correctly aligned. Physiotherapists recommend exercises that strengthen this neglected muscle as a key consideration in the rehabilitation of knees. The yoga warrior poses help to improve your body awarenes and alignment of the knees in relation to your ankles, hips and shoulders. Gentle squat (goddess pose) and bound angle pose (seated butterfly) are hip openers which also help to counteract a lot of sitting but also help to realign the hips in relation to the knees.

Here are some links to some great tips on how to strengthen your knees:

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